This year International English Camp comes to the heart of Viareggio! 

What to expect?

From the moment our participants enter the school campus at 8:30am, they will be greeted with huge smiles from all of our staff. Once all of the students have arrived, the counsellors will guide everyone into a huge circle to go over the rules of the camp. Afterwards, the participants will be organised into their classes and allocated a Camp Counsellor. 

Camp Counsellors are experienced native English speakers who have a desire to work with children. They will act not only as a teacher, but also as a mentor for the participants throughout their time at camp. They will guide them through their daily activities, ensuring that they enjoy every moment and supporting them every step of the way. They will be the participant’s first point of contact throughout the programme. 

Another important point of contact for everyone at the camp is our PD (Programme Director). The PD is an Italian coordinator who is responsible for the wellbeing of the participants and staff, and all communications with the parents/school staff. They are there to support the staff and with all duties and ensure there is a smooth running of the camp. It is likely that the PD knows all of the parents, and is a big part of the local community. Through the use of games, songs, drama, sports and whole camp activities, participants will totally immerse themselves in the English language. This methodology increases the speed of language acquisition by presenting exposure to the language in such a wide variety of mediums. 

Once assigned to their class, they will head to their classrooms and get to know their Camp Counsellor. Meeting a native speaker of your second language can be daunting and scary at the beginning, but our guides make sure that the children are at ease with lots of introductory games and icebreakers. During the games, Camp Counsellors will individually assess the participant’s level of English. This  really allows our Camp Counsellors to specifically tailor the programme for each participant in order to optimise the language learning experience. 

Throughout the rest of the day, they will be involved in countless activities, fully engaging with the English language, along with their peers and camp staff. Before going home at 4:30pm, everyone will gather around for circle time in the playground as a whole camp.

All participants will receive a t-shirt, a bag and a cap, which they will use throughout the camp and totally immerse themselves in the intercultural learning environment. Each day our participants continually practice speaking the language through the wide variety of games, water games, songs, theatre, sports and whole camp activities. With a build-on-build methodical approach, each day our participants gain greater confidence in speaking the English language all leading up to a final performance at the end of camp.